IT Services
At Sim City we look to provide top-class IT services to meet client needs. 
Current specialisations include defining and managing API integrations, refining service specifications, mapping requirements and managing third parties with a specialisation within the Automotive Finance industry in the UK.
This is not a limitation however; Sim City is open to assist clients from any industry with their business and technical needs.
Here at Sim City we can help you generate ideas for how to optimise your workflows, engage better with customers & third parties and generally support where possible during the inception of your work.

If you already know what you need but need some support in mapping business requirements to technical realities once again we’re here to help. Utilising a combination of business, technical and industry expertise we will endeavour to best support all of your refinement needs.

It’s good to save the best till last! Here at Sim City we absolutely love to support practical delivery, getting value to your customers whoever they may be fast is the exact ethos that we live by. Not only this but we firmly believe that good service delivery requires great service support.
We make a point of ensuring that any solutions put forward have a clear plan to be handed to business as usual, so that once an engagement is complete any delivery is self-sustaining ensuring a seamless client and client-customer experience.
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